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After all, why is design important?

Design is a broad concept that represents the process of creating products based on technical and aesthetic excellence, with the aim of solving problems and adding value.

This is the most objective definition possible for the concept, which encompasses numerous forms of idealization, conception, development and specification of objects.

Design is fundamental because it optimizes human creation, combining aesthetics with functionality. It is a process capable of adding value and generating more efficient, comfortable, safe and beautiful solutions.



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The history of design

If we take the term literally, our ancestors already practiced design when creating their chipped stone tools. However, to facilitate understanding, let's place the concept in our age.

In this case, who deserves the title of first designer in history is Leonardo Da Vinci.

The genius used design principles to design visionary inventions that revolutionized humanity and propelled science forward.

"The design is not just what it looks like. The design is how it works".

Why is this question already showing the answer?

Because a class called show was set in the html and thus it stays open when loading the page.

This is certainly useful to keep the most important question and answer highlighted.

To get this highlighted text, just use the html mark tag, and use a color class. 😃

Also works well with other colors by adding a color class to the element, but use it sparingly or it may become exaggerated.

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