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After all, why is design important?

Design is a broad concept that represents the process of creating products based on technical and aesthetic excellence, with the aim of solving problems and adding value. Good design delivers the best possible user experience.

This is the most objective definition possible for the concept, which encompasses numerous forms of idealization, conception, development and specification of objects.

Some of the types of designs that exist

  • Graphic design is the use of images, texts and illustrations for visual communication.
  • Game design focused on the development and creation of games.
  • Design thinking can be defined as the way of design thinking applied to the solution of challenges and innovation in business:
    • Immersion: research and understanding of the problem and its context.
    • Ideation: generating ideas as a team from the data collected.
    • Prototyping: creating prototypes that validate learned content.
  • Product design, works with the creation of objects focused on solving problems.
  • Web design is the area that covers the creation of interfaces for software, websites, platforms and applications.
  • Interior design is the area responsible for planning, creating and executing indoor projects.
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Design is fundamental because it optimizes human creation, combining aesthetics with functionality. It is a process capable of adding value and generating more efficient, comfortable, safe and beautiful solutions.

Proof of this is that common sense equates design with something beautiful and well done. For companies, design is one of the key success factors, from product development to customer value delivery.

"The design is not just what it looks like. The design is how it works".

It's not just about enchanting the product's look, but thinking about the entire process of use and arriving at the best possible solution.

For this, the designer transforms ideas into products that actually solve problems, designed and executed in the smallest details.

Is design considered an art?

Personally, I usually say that design is the bridge between what already exists and what is possible to imagine and do.

Therefore, it is such a complex concept, which goes through art, business, culture, aesthetics, behavior and technology.

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